Who we are

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How it started

Crunchers launched with a bang in 2007 with 25 offices, all over the UK on the side of accounting firms who used our Windows-based bookkeeping software.


Through the software, we had the opportunity to work with many leading firms of accountants as well as the most influential consultants; Steve Pipe of AVN, Mark Lloydbottom of Practice Track and PracticeWeb as well as Ian Fletcher, Gordon Gilchrist and Chris Frederiksen of 2020.


Our network of accountants gave the software to their clients for free and used it to do bookkeeping for their clients. Hundreds of accountants joined us and thousands of small businesses benefited.


We invented the idea of offering free bookkeeping software inside a fixed price package and pricing bookkeeping by the transaction. But, more than that, we developed a commitment to helping accountants do more for their clients than basic compliance.

And then things changed

But, the market changed; Xero launched along with KashFLow, FreeAgent and other Cloud Accounting solutions. The competition was everywhere and moving fast and we weren’t fast enough.


We fell behind and, although our software has a loyal following of users who love us, and we’re getting ready for Making Tax Digital, we’ve watched some users switch to Cloud accounting systems, offices closed and our relevance diminished.


But, all the while we continued to innovate with the purpose of helping accountants do more for clients. And, we began to focus that innovation on software to deliver business advisory services.

What we did

In 2011 Damion Viney joined Crunchers and we repositioned Crunchers as “Alternative Accountants”. At the same time, we started to develop a business advisory model called “Improving the Numbers”, based on a series of live workshops.


In 2015 Hamish Sheppard joined Crunchers us to open our Edinburgh office and in 2016 we started to build our business advisory but this time as a Cloud platform.


We intend Crunchers to be a leading added value brand by offering a unique mixture of services. Crunchers can do amazing things; we have helped raise money from the Dragon’s Den and been awarded the Fair Tax Mark.


With new software in place we are now ready to build the Crunchers network across the World with small firms who want their independence but appreciate the value of being part of a network.

What’s next?

We have big plans for Crunchers; we intend it to be a global brand with 800 offices across the World and if Elon Musk does manage to colonise Mars we’ll have a Cruncher there as well!


But, we can’t do this alone, we need partners who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. We’re on the lookout for talented, passionate accountants who REALLY want to make a difference and impact their client’s lives.


If you like the idea of being an Alternative Accountant, working to help business owners improve their numbers and are willing to invest time, energy and money then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.