Every accountant has written about the budget (and all the details are available here on the government’s Website) so we won’t write a summary.

At Crunchers, we encourage business owners to look at the budget as pretty irrelevant – any tax changes announced pale into insignificant compared to what’s possible in your business. The key is getting your mind focussed on things that can make a big difference – a few hundred (or thousands) pounds here and there will not change your life.

Based on the research we have done, we believe there is a minimum of £250,000 in additional (after tax) lifetime earnings available to business owners who work on developing themselves and their business

So, as Alternative Accountants, while every other accountant is talking about the budget and how much tax it will cost you, we want to focus on our Profit Improver software – one of the tools in the Crunchers Business Club.

Not only does this software show you what’s possible in your business, it helps you identify how to improve your results.

You can run different scenarios based on different approaches to business development. One approach could be to use no and low cost marketing. Another could involved some spend on a new Website and paid advertising.

The software is simple to use and will forecast forward five years based on the underlying assumptions you enter. Not only will it calculate the extra profit, it will work out the additional business value the changes will create.

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