Why should I buy into Crunchers?

We believe you are unlikely to gain a competitive advantage by being a better accountant. And, you will never have a truly unique value proposition by using the tools other accountants can licence. We have developed the “Improving The Numbers” system, written a book (which you will be credited with) and built our own advisory software. The cost of doing this is over £250,000 and can be yours for an affordable month licence.

How much can I make?

There is a huge opportunity with Crunchers, how much you make depends on how entrepreneurial you are. 

How much is Crunchers?

It depends on a number of factors including the size of your area of exclusivity and how much support you want from us. We will cover our licence fees in detail and agree on a package that is affordable. There will be a one-off joining fee for on-boarding and a monthly fee for only support and use of the resources.

How much working capital do I need?

Your working capital requirements depend on a number of factors including if you have existing fees, what marketing you are going to do and how fast you want to grow.

Can you help with funding?

We may be able to offer you a finance lease for the software element of the licence.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes but we can’t guarantee your success because it’s your business, we can only guarantee what we do and we will discuss and agree that with you based on your needs.

Is Crunchers a franchise?

No, it’s more like a co-operative where you pay into a central company who develop resources to give you a competitive advantage.

Do I have to use the Crunchers brand?

If you run an existing practice you can launch Crunchers on the side of your firm. The Crunchers identity works; business owners like it…it’s distinctive, is trademarked and will help you stand out from the competition. The whole idea is that you avoid the expense of trying to build your own brand and focus on building a business.

What fees do I charge?

It’s up to you to charge what you want, we will provide training and support on pricing but remember with “improving the numbers” your clients will see your fees as an investment.

What exclusive rights do I get?

You will have an exclusive territory where you can target with offline marketing.

Can I sell my Crunchers licence?

Yes, you can sell your Crunchers licence, we just need to be happy with the person taking it on from you. Or, you can just sell your client base.

What happens if I want to leave?

Just give notice and leave. You or your clients will need to pay direct for software and you will need to stop using the Crunchers brand or saying you are part of the network. You will also need to stop referring to yourself as an “Alternative Accountant” and using the “Improving the Numbers” services and we will remove you as a contributor of the book.

Do I need to be a qualified accountant?

You need to be qualified or registered practicing accountant or be a bookkeeper who partners with one of our offices.

Can a bookkeeper join Crunchers?

Yes, but you’ll need to be able to produce statutory accounts and offer tax advice or partner with one of our other offices