Could you be 1 of 50 global Pioneer Partners?


Sole-practitioners and small firms can enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage over more established firms.

Being a member of our network enables you to punch well above your weight.

Improving the Numbers

We have developed a unique service based on a suite of software we have designed for business owners to use.

Our business management software will help you transform your client’s results.

Training and support

Tap in to our resources and learn from the network of like-minded people.

Leverage the Crunchers marketing assets to generate high quality leads. Sell professionally and price for profit.

Challenge yourself to be a better accountant by being a different type of accountant.

Save £5,000+

Pioneer partners pay 50% less to join and and have a reduced monthly fee for the first 12 months.

What You Get

Crunchers Brand

Position yourself as distinctively different from the competition.

Exclusive Area

Protect your market by being the only Cruncher in your territory.

Responsive Website

A marketing platform that will generate and nurture leads.

Profit Improver Software

Show business owners what’s possible in their business.

E-Life Planner Software

Complete lifestime cashflow forecasts for your clients

Manager Software

Help your clients boost productivity and achieve their potential

Email Marketing System

Nuture prospects and clients with monthly email marketing

Telemarketing System

Create reliable high qualified appointments that covert into clients

Referral Systems

General low cost enquiries from clients and partners

Sales Training

Sell like a professional, close opportunities and high prices

Value Pricing System

Use the principles of Value Pricing to drive clients and profits

Sounding Board

Talk to us about any issues you want a second opinion about

Research and Development

Let us do the research and ongoing development so you stay ahead

Monthly Coaching Calls

One-to-one coaching sessions to help you improve your results

Seminars Packs

Everything you need to run events for clients and prospects

Case Study

Damion Viney joined Crunchers in August 2011 after qualifying with the Association of Accounting Technicians.



In the first 18 months Damion won 38 clients with a marketing budget of just £4,000. He is now established with an office and employees. His CustomerSure score is 93% and he is getting regular referrals. Most importantly he is confident that he is way ahead of the competition.



Damion joined Crunchers iust as we started developing the “Improving the Numbers” system.

Damion had no experience of running an accounting practice and only had a few months experience working for a firm of Chartered Accountants.

We worked closely with Damion using everything we learned from working with over 250 firms of accountants across the UK.

Damion was happy to work with us to help create Crunchers Accountants.


How Crunchers helped

We have helped Damion with a number of things.

We started with a two day kick-start in Cornwall to explain the Crunchers positioning and brand strategy. We also created a detailed business plan with a sales forecast and key drivers.

A professional image was created with stationery and a branded email. And, to enable Damion to immediately create his own low-cost leads we trained and coached him to be a highly effective telemarketer.

Key marketing assets included monthly seminar packs, a local Website and an email marketing system.

Our Search Engine Optimisation strategy put Damion at number one for his key term. We also delivered sales training and weekly management calls.

Technical support included how to engage and manage clients effectively. We also monitored work for members in practice registration.

Damion was introduction to Xero and our outsourcing partner.

Our training and use of the Xero included the Budget Manager which allowed Damion to sell and deliver a business advisory service.


The Results

Because of a limited marketing budget we focussed on low and no cost marketing:Telemarketing, Networking, Search Engine Optimisation.

Opportunities were created before the Website went live via telemarketing and a healthy sales pipeline has been maintained. The sales targets have been hit and, at the same time, Damion has been able to turn away the wrong clients.

Damion has establish Crunchers in his local market and is building a reputation as offering something different and valuable. Referrals mean direct marketing is not needed for lead generation. He has an office and two employees.

The value of the business created is a healthy Return on Investment, after taking account of all marketing and licence fees paid to Crunchers.



The key lessons from the pilot:

Time is an asset which needs careful management. The Crunchers positioning and brand strategy definately works. Seminars are key to establishing the brand in the market.

The sales system is elegant and effective. Outsourcing is key for a start-up so practice development can be maintained.

Taking on clients is fairly time consuming. Business owners love the Improving the Numbers service.

A quote from Damion Viney

“I cannot believe my luck in finding and joining Crunchers.

Starting out in practice would have been at least ten times more difficult, stressful and prone to failure without making this strategic partnership.  I began hoping I would be satisfied with what was on offer, a year and a half in I find myself a inspired by it and proud to be part of what I consider a ground-breaking initiative in accounting”.

Damion Viney – Crunchers South London Ltd


A quote from one of Damion’s clients

“The service from Crunchers has been completely invaluable to the development of our business.
It has been fantastic talking  through the whole process and helping us to see our business processes in a completely new – and much more productive – light.

The tool that Crunchers set up for us is intuitive, effective and easy to use. We work with it all the time now to evaluate how the decisions we are making will impact on the business as a whole. It gives us huge peace of mind to be able to see things so clearly and objectively”.

Charlotte Knowles, Shoots & Leaves Films Ltd


What’s Next?

Damion will continue to win more and better clients. The key to the next stage of development will be leveraging the Crunchers software platform.

All of his clients will have access to a members area and personal financial planning software.

The business advisory service will be based on the Key Performance Indicator software.

Damion is exploring plans to open other offices with employees he develops.

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