The Crunchers Opportunity

A network of independant accountants


Whether you work in industry or practice or want to become an accountant, there is no doubt that the accounting world is undergoing some of the biggest changes it has ever seen.


Cloud-based accounting software like Xero with Add-Ons like ReceiptBank have revolutionised the way bookkeepers and accountants work. And, Making Tax Digital is designed to make the UK the most digital tax system in the World.


Cloud Accounting has become the norm, it is no longer a differentiator and banks like CountingUp are embedding accounting. Over the next 5-10 years Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is forecast to do more and more of the work. This will drive down the price of compliance and free up time to focus on more valuable work.


To stay one step ahead of the competition accountants need to develop a value proposition which attracts and retains the best small business clients. Cashflow forecasting Apps like Futrli and Spotlight provide insights but these will be commonplace and MYOB already have automated this with their Advisor programme.


The successful accounting firms of the future need to be able to deliver better results.  At Crunchers we continually research how accountants can deliver results and develop the software and processes to give our members an unfair competitive advantage.

The Crunchers Strategy

By leveraging the latest technology and modern working practices, it’s now possible to make World class business advice available to small businesses. By doing this, using proven frameworks, processes and our propitiatory software, you will win the segment of the market that have traditionally been overlooked and under-served by traditional accountants.


As well as taking care of your client’s bookkeeping, accounting and tax affairs, you’ll be assisting them with personal money management and looking to solve five key business problems:


► Lack of control

► Low profits

► People problems

► Lack of growth

► New initiatives not working


This approach to accounting is called “Improving the Numbers”, helping business owners improve their personal numbers as well as business numbers rather than just counting them.


You will position yourself as a new category in the mind of the market by using the positioning phrase “Alternative Accountant”.

Financial Model

As a Cruncher, making a positive difference to your client’s lives, you will not be dragged into low pricing just for a basic compliance service. You’ll be able to agree higher, value-based prices and attract better quality clients.


Higher prices do not mean charging clients thousands of pounds a month. You can work 1-to-many by running Webinars and/or local peer-to-peer groups and workshops. But, when you do work closely with an ambitious business owner who has the funds, you’ll easily be able to justify charging £250 to £1,000 per month.


We can produce a financial model to support your goals. It’s up to you to decide how far to you take your business. You can work from home or a small office, you can outsource and develop a virtual business.


We’d like you to grow  your Crunchers business and have employees because this gives you freedom and is good for the economy. It also means we impact more people.

About You

You will be someone who has a calling to help people and want to do more than complete accounts and tax returns, you will also believe the future of the accounting profession belongs to those who add the most value. If you do not share our purpose or believe this is the future of the profession, Crunchers is definitely NOT for you.


You will be keen and eager to learn and master how to market, sell and deliver new services like personal and business advisory services that make an impact. Depending on the size of your business when you join us you will wear many hats and it is important you outsource and employee people to enable you to grow the business.


We understand that if you are an accountant then some aspects of marketing, sales and high level business advisory may be new to you. This is why we will take time to assess your knowledge base and skill set before we offer you a licence.