Making a positive difference

We want our work to mean something.

Churning out accounts and tax returns without thinking about the people behind the business seems a waste of a life to us.

We want to help improve the lives of business owners.

The co-founders

Bob Harper (accountant) and Tim Pointon (software engineer) came together when they started working on a bookkeeping software.

They came up with the idea of Crunchers in 2007 and launched the pilot office in South London with Damien Viney. Our work with Damien has proved the need for and the value of Crunchers.


The plan is to help as many business owners as possible by offering local office and working online.

As well as offices in the UK we plan to be working with start-ups and small businesses all over the world – the first global network of accountants committed to doing more for their clients than accounts and tax returns.

The better forumula

We’d like you to consider this equation:

Better Accountant = Better Business = Better Life

If all goes well with your business you will have the time and money to enjoy:

– Love and friendship from family and friends
– The feeling of security, stability and control
– A sense of achievement and the status of success
– A great lifestyle – home, car and holidays

Working with us

We are committed to a few core principles:

– Ongoing learning
– Being friendly
– Fairness
– Mutual respect
– Professionalism
– Being honest.

The objective is to become your financial friend – someone you can trust to tell you the truth. Someone who will be there for you, someone who will help get the most out of yourself.

What our customers say

Some kind words from some of the thousands of businesses we've worked with

Charlotte Knowles

Crunchers have been completely invaluable to our business, helping us to see our business processes in a completely new – and much more productive – light.

Mike Atkinson

Always responsive to any telephone or email queries we might have and guides us in a professional manner, our accountancy meetings are now a pleasure and something we look forward to rather than dread.

David Collen

Our accounts were in a mess before we met Crunchers. Working with Crunchers helped us get our everything back in order, but more importantly their strategic help and advice helped us focus our efforts and streamline our business.

Steve Mills

Over 20 years I have worked with several accountants Crunchers have certainly dealt with all my compliance work, but more than that, they have provided me with first-class advice to help me to grow my business.

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