Our Support

Everything you need


There will typically be four weeks of discussions, business planning and possibly raising finance to undertake before joining Crunchers, so we recommend you make your enquiry as soon as possible.


Our focus to to get you in a position where you can market and deliver the improving the numbers service. How long this takes will depend on your personal development before joining Crunchers and how much time you can invest.


We will work through the Improving the Numbers book together. There is a recommended reading list to help you build deep knowledge of the principles. Apart of your training is rewriting and improving a section of the book which enables us to accredit you as a contributor. This means you’ll have a powerful marketing asset to use to use in your marketing.


As well as the training we will provide you with:


► Copies of the Improving the Numbers book (with you credited as a contributor)

► Fully Responsive Website

► Email marketing system

► Stationery and business cards


We will work with you to create a marketing plan to grow your Crunchers business.


One of the first things for you to consider is specialisation. Once you have decided your target market it’s a case of using proven methods and tactics to generate high-quality leads. The tactics will depend on your budget and how fast you want to grow.


As soon as you join Crunchers you will boost your authority because you will be a) part of something bigger than you b) able share our success stories and c) be included in the Improving the Numbers book as a contributor.


We strongly recommend you run live events, online and offline, using content from the Improving the Numbers book. We have event packs and can train you how to deliver the content.


The marketing strategy is to promote content and events, rather than your service, because this will enable people to get to know you, like you and trust you. When they make an enquiry they will be ready to buy.


As well as marketing support we will train you how to sell using our Selling Buy Numbers methodology. This helps you build a deep understanding of the client and empowers them to make the decision to work with you.


Included in your Crunchers licence are two powerful Cloud Apps:


► LifeNumber

► GoalDriver


LifeNumber is a tool that enables you to collaborate with your clients and build a cashflow forecast for their personal goals. By doing this you get a deep understanding of what motivates your clients so you can assess the need for business performance improvement.


GoalDriver enables you to deliver Strategic Planning and Business Execution support. Strategic Planning starts with helping the client identify the best business model. Inside the software, we have the Lean and Business Model Canvas. After this, you help the client discover, develop and share the key elements of the strategy; vision, values, purpose and positioning.


Once the client has a Winning Strategy you will start to use GoalDriver.com in their business every day, every week to drive their progress and performance.

Ongoing support

As well as IT support with email, Website and software, we will provide ongoing assistance in a number of ways to help you execute your own strategy and get the results you want.


We will hold you accountable to your own targets, initially with weekly calls. These will drop down to monthly updates when you have traction.


We will provide refresher training, mentoring and coaching to help you through any challenges, issues and problems you may experience. This can cover a wide range of topics from what software to use, recruitment, employee management or even your own personal productivity.


At the end of each quarter, we will host a 2-4 hour review and help you set your key projects and performance targets for the next quarter.